Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ayyy Wassup!

I had a productive Saturday, guess what happen? I woke up at 11:40, watch Detective conan episode 577-579 and Detective conan movie 1-3 'till 9 p.m, then dinner at 9:30. See? Like what I said from my first post, I need to get a life yo~!

And now I'm writing random shits about my day again. Hahaha. Oh by the way, I'm currently watching Party Pilipinas and it is sooooooo good :) I like their performances. Teehee~!

K. I can't think of any good things to say so here is a fail picture of me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm back. And I need to update my life, or should I say I need to get a life.

Since my dad bought me a new laptop, I can now use my computer anytime I want. But, unfortunately, I'm taking summer WTF? SUMMER SCHOOL?SRSLY? BUTT(with double T), I really need to take Religion 25 and 35 so I can get my high school diploma for the second time around (Yes, I graduated high school last March 2009 in Philippines) and another thing is, I have work after class, which is fcking awesome because they give lots of schedule this summer (meaning lots of money yow~).

So that's how my life goes right now. Pretty boring, eh?

Lol yeah, but currently I'm watching Detective Conan. Look,

Conan's reaction when he realized that he babysits a girl. Awwww.

And currently reading Gentleman's Alliance(manga), I bought this manga 1 year ago and I just finished the first chapter 'cause sometimes I'm wondering,why don't you just make an anime version of this!??!?!?!? I have a poor eyesight and poor insight. LOL. Just kidding.

So why the hell do I need to make a blog if no one's reading it?! Haha. I just like talking to myself.